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RxOneShop has been finding and selling hard to find pharmaceutical drugs and products to pharmacies across the country since we first started in 2004. Our team services all classes of trade including long term care, retail, specialty, acute care pharmacies, clinics, and physicians alike.

Some pharmaceutical items are difficult to find since they are hard to secure on the open market. However, because of our high-level network of connections, RxOneShop can obtain these hard to find pharmaceutical supplies.

How Do We Get Hard to Find Pharmaceuticals?

Our team will locate and procure any component you require and distribute the items to the appropriate facility. We have access to the best GPO contracts, therefore, providing the most competitive prices available.

RxOneShop is a distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, bulk over the counter (OTC), vitamins, CBD wholesale products, diabetic supplies, injectables, syringes, brand name products, short dated pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies, just to name a few.

How Does the Order Process Work?

Step 1
We make shopping online with RxOneShop for hard to find pharmaceutical drugs easy! First, you'll sign up (the process takes less than 5 minutes). Once the application is complete, we'll approve it and tell you how to complete your first order.

Step 2
Once you are logged in, you can easily search for the hard-to-find pharmaceutical drugs by NDC, brand name, generic name, or SKU. The best prices will display at the top. If you're not able to find what you need, contact our team at (877) 476-4761 or

Step 3
Add your pharmaceutical drug(s) or product(s) to the cart, complete the checkout process, and we'll ship out your order next day! Feel free to contact our team for questions on tracking, returns, or if you happen to receive a damaged or missing product.

Why Are Some Pharmaceutical Drugs & Products So Hard to Find?

Many pharmaceutical items are hard to obtain because they either:

  • Have been discontinued. Certain pharmaceutical products are discontinued by manufacturers due to 1.) low market demand, 2.) the development of more effective alternatives, or 3.) changes in regulatory requirements. This discontinuation means that once the existing stock is depleted, these medications will no longer be available to consumers, potentially leaving patients and healthcare providers searching for alternative treatments.
  • Are out of stock. Products that are out of stock are temporarily unavailable from suppliers due to issues such as logistical delays, unexpected demand spikes, or production problems. While this is usually a short-term issue, it can disrupt patient treatment plans and require healthcare providers to find immediate alternatives to ensure continuity of care.
  • Are on back order. When pharmaceutical products are on back order, it means that the supply chain has pending orders that cannot be fulfilled on the usual timeline due to shortages of the product. Back orders are indicative of deeper issues in production or distribution that may take time to resolve, causing ongoing uncertainty about product availability.
  • Are no longer available on the market. Some drugs are permanently removed from the market. Reasons include: 1.) safety concerns, 2.) the discovery of severe side effects, or 3.) the expiration of a drug’s patent followed by a lack of generic production. The removal of a drug from the market requires patients and healthcare providers to transition to different therapies.
  • Are unavailable due to a drug shortage. Drug shortages can occur due to manufacturing problems, regulatory issues, patent disputes, or natural disasters affecting the supply chain. These shortages can last from a few weeks to several years and often affect the availability of essential medications, leading to significant impacts on treatment protocols and patient health outcomes.

At RxOneShop, we have access to many controlled pharmaceutical items. Our reliable industry relationships give us special access to seemingly unreachable products. So even if we do not see it in stock today or there is a drug shortage, we will be able to locate it for you as soon as possible and have it to you right away.

With our large selection of hard to find pharmaceuticals, it is entirely possible that we already have a supplier with what you need on hand and ready to be shipped to you today!

Different Types of Hard To Find Pharmaceuticals

Several pharmaceuticals products that are hard to find are:

  • Plasma derivatives
  • Oncology drugs
  • Generic pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Specialty drugs
  • Biologicals

As a top tier distributor, our job is to source all of the hard to find drugs and medications that you need to maintain your regular functions. You no longer have to search multiple sources to find the best available generic pharmaceutical prices; we pre-shop for our clients every day to stay on top of what they need and get it to them immediately.

Common Drug Shortage FAQs

What to do if your pharmacy is out of your medication?
First, check to see when the medication will be available next, and if you can possibly wait. If your insurance allows for it, obtain your medication from a different pharmacy. You may have to check with your doctor to see if another medication will work. Lastly, consider enrolling with a patient assistance program. More about medication distributors here.

How do I know if a pharmacy has drugs in stock?
You can visit the pharmacy's website and search for it there. Or, the FDA provides a phone number for the manufacturer for you to call and check with local pharmacies to see if they carry that particular drug.

Why is there a pharmaceutical shortage?
There are several reasons why a pharmaceutical shortage can occur. For example, there may be manufacturing quality issues for that particular drug, there are production delays, or companies are having a hard time obtaining raw materials and components.

Why Choose RxOneShop For Hard To Find Pharmaceuticals?

RxOneShop services the entire spectrum of pharmacies, chain stores, and long-term care facilities. When you choose us, know that we make shopping for generics fast, easy and practical. We are a wholesale drug supplier with years of industry experience, building a relationship with our clients.

Save time and money by choosing our pharmaceutical company/distributor for your hard to find prescription drugs/medications. We offer next day shipping on over 4,000 generic pharmaceutical items. Call our pharmacy wholesalers today for more information about how we can become your supplier for best selling pharmaceuticals, low price drugs, and even hard to find drugs/pharmaceuticals!

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