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What are Short-Dated Pharmaceuticals?

If you are not already familiar with what short-dated pharmaceuticals, they essentially are prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are either approaching or have passed their expiration date.

Short-dated drugs are often sold at a discounted price since they can't be sold beyond the expiration date.

Example of Short-Dated Drugs

Examples of short-dated pharmaceuticals include:

  • Pain relievers
  • Antibiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Cough medications
  • Cold medications

Please keep in mind that while short dated drugs may still be effective after the expiration date, their potency may have decreased. They also may no longer be safe to use.

Questions about whether a specific drug is still effective? Please consult one of our experts at RxOneShop here. If you need assistance with how to find pharmacy products, please check out our article here.

Shop Short Dated Pharmaceuticals Online

When pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale drug suppliers have overstock with limited expiration dates, RxOneShop can identify and offer these short dated products to pharmacies in need of these drugs. Short dated pharmaceuticals become available when an excess supply of a specific drug is manufactured, or in instances when the products have short-term expiration dates, as in the case of some pre-mixed antibiotics.

Additionally, some pharmacies find themselves with an inventory of short dated drugs when they order supplies to fill uncommon prescriptions. RxOneShop has developed strong partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical suppliers throughout the United States, and we can buy their short dated products for your pharmacy at the best available prices.

Generic, Brand Name, and OTC Short Dated Products

RxOneShop offers clients a comprehensive selection of short dated pharmaceuticals, including generic drugs, brand name pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicines. RxOneShop works with numerous VAWD-accredited suppliers who offer a wide range of medical products.

Because of these partnerships, we can provide pharmacies with over 4,000 types of generic and brand name short-dated pharmaceuticals. In addition to prescription drugs, we also distribute short-dated bulk OTC drugs, vitamins, diabetic supplies, injectables, and other perishable medical supplies.

Best Prices for Short Dated Products

Because of our relationships with major pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, we can negotiate the best prices on short dated drugs for our clients. With RxOneShop, you no longer have to research multiple sources for short dated pharmaceuticals yourself. RxOneShop pre-shops every source every day for the pharmaceuticals you need, ensuring you get the best price available. Our high volume pricing allows our clients large and small to obtain the best discounts on generic, brand name, and over the counter pharmaceuticals.

We are also proud to offer our commercial customer purchasing terms to our clients without additional costly interest or membership fees. RxOneShop' pricing allows pharmacies of all sizes to be highly competitive in the market while maintaining an excellent return on investment.

Why Choose RxOneShop?

At our pharmaceutical company, we make shopping for short dated pharmaceuticals a fast, easy, and cost effective process. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry's best pricing on short dated products, RxOneShop also offers an excellent fill rate and next-day shipping on all orders. We ensure that our customers get the supplies they need when they need them. All RxOneShop products are of the highest quality available in the industry. All of our VAWD-accredited pharmaceutical suppliers are fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

In addition, our medication distribution company promotes best practice methodologies, and we operate under the highest standards set by the Wholesale Distribution Industry-National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Our experienced and professional account representatives will provide you the best service available - whether you are an independent pharmacist or a large chain, to assure that your unique account needs are always met.

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