This single credit application is provided as a convenience to our customers, eliminating the need to complete individual applications for multiple suppliers. Each individual supplier will review to determine if they will extend credit.

New Customer Credit Approval
Credit will be extended at the sole discretion of each supplier. By signing, customer represents that all information contained herein is correct and complete and that the supplier(s) may rely on such information in deciding to extend credit.

Credit Limits
Customers are typically given a credit line sufficient to accommodate their order requirements. Requests for credit limit increase may require additional financial information and/or altered payment terms.

Payment Terms
Net 30, past due accounts will incur a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum).

Payment Methods Accepted
Credit card, electronic payment or check made payable to the supplier which issued the invoice.

DEA & State License
Customer acknowledges that current and valid DEA Certificate and State Pharmacy License have been provided with this Application for Credit. Failure to provide appropriate information will delay account setup.

Customer grants permission to RxOneShop and supplier(s) to send advertising and promotional materials to the email(s) and fax number(s) provided. Customer requests that RxOneShop registers customer to access for the purpose of placing orders. Customer acknowledges and agrees that all pricing and inventory information provided by supplier(s) constitutes confidential and proprietary information that customer shall keep in the strictest confidence. Customer will not share such information with any third parties including without limitation other wholesalers, manufacturers or retailers.