Good morning, Dan!
I’ve looked around your new website, and I really, really, really like it!!! I love the fact that you can have so many products appear on the same page without so much scrolling, and I particularly like all the search choices it gives you. It seems like it will make shopping your website so much faster, which was one of the things I wasn’t crazy about on your old website. You had to go through so many pages and wait for each one to load. It took an especially long time when searching for a drug that had several strengths and many brands/ndc’s available. This is SO much faster!!
Great job! When will it be up and running?
I like it. The search feature is better. I like that you can search by so many options and the more info you put in, it narrows the results. I like that you can search by partial names and still get relevant results. The layout is good because you can see your options faster and compare items easier.
RxOneShop was able to save us over $50,000 a month on generics and I receive all my orders the very next day.
Ashley T.
I first started working with RxOneShop 5 years ago and I started buying just a few items. Over the years it has grown to hundreds of brand and generic items. They always get right back to me when I need a product or a price on something. My business has grown over the years and RxOneShop has always been able to meet my needs, thank you.
Barry H.
I wanted to say thank you for always being there to help us no matter what day or time it is. I have been able to focus on other projects in the pharmacy because of the work RxOneShop does to save us time and money each and every day.
Acipco Medical Group
RxOneShop has saved our pharmacy so much money over the years and they continue to work to find us the best prices everyday.
Specialty Rx
The website looks and runs great! It is very user friendly and I can’t think of anything I would make changes to. Thanks for all of your continued help!
Bryan N.
Thank you for all your help over the years you have made my job so much easier. You always saved our pharmacy a lot of money and you have been wonderful to work with.
Williams Brothers Pharmacy