RxOneShop is an FDA-approved wholesale drug supplier, serving clients throughout the United States.

There is no doubt that healthcare in the U.S. is extremely expensive and a huge business with rising costs each year. Generic drug savings reports show an increase in the need for generic medication distribution by American patients. Additionally, studies show that generic drugs provide the same outcomes for patients at a lower price point.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact our wholesale drug suppliers for more information at (877) 476-4761 or by email at info@rxoneshop.com. Our pharmaceutical wholesaler company is looking forward to serving you!

Wholesale Generic Drug Supplier

RxOneShop provides generic drugs at wholesale prices to the entire U.S. Our wholesale generic drug supplier's purpose is to improve the lives of U.S. consumers by creating access to effective pharmaceuticals at a lower cost. We believe all Americans should be able to access the medicine they need no matter what their income may be.

We are a pharmaceutical wholesaler that works with a large variety of pharmaceutical manufacturers and buy in bulk. As a result, this allows us to offer you generic drugs at a wholesale price.

In addition, we supply long-term care pharmacies, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies nationwide.

Wholesale Medical Supplies

In addition to our wholesale drug supplies, our pharmaceutical wholesaler company also provides wholesale medical supplies. Our wholesale medical suppliers are committed to the health of our customers by providing generic drugs, diabetic medical supplies, and other products at wholesale prices.

In addition, we can also provide information to assist in the purchasing process. To get started, please contact our wholesale medical suppliers for more information at (877) 476-4761 or by email at info@rxoneshop.com. We stay informed about state and federal pharmaceutical news in an effort to educate our end users with information relevant to healthcare.

Quality and reliability are undeniably important when it comes to medical care. We offer only high-quality medical supplies wholesale at RxOneShop. You can trust that the products you find in this collection will provide a high level of care and quality.

With our wholesale medical supplies, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Service: We have a dedicated customer service team for inquiries, quotes, order tracking and more.
  • Quality: High-quality products and supplies.
  • Price: We can often beat our already-low prices on discounted medical supplies to save you even more when you buy in larger quantities.

Here's how to find pharmacy products on our website.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler of Generic & Brand Names

Our pharmaceutical wholesale distributors all know that generic drugs are much more inexpensive than brand name drugs. Some drugs on the market may not have a generic brand just yet. We will do everything we can do to find the generic counterpart. If we can’t find it, our pharmaceutical distributors guarantee we will still have the best price for the brand name medication until a generic drug is created.

We are a pharmaceutical wholesaler that's proud to partner with specialty drug manufacturers and group purchasing organizations, so we can keep costs down for the consumer. RxOneShop tries try to keep costs down for you, no matter if you are purchasing generic or name branded drugs. 

We are a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor and can find almost any pharmaceutical supplies or drug; no matter if it's either generic or brand name. If you have a special request that you can't find on our website, please contact us so that we may research your request.

Why Choose RxOneShop For Your Wholesale Medical Supplies?

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have created a trusted relationship with pharmacy distributors and large manufacturers across the country. RxOneShop is here to provide low-cost bulk pharmaceutical orders for pharmacies and medical facilities alike.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and contact our wholesale medical supplies today!

About Our Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Company

RxOneShop is a PDMA compliant company and a pharmaceutical wholesaler of generic and brand name drug supplies alike. Additionally, each one of our partnerships are VAWD accredited and compliant with all state and federal laws. When you place an order for a prescription drug, we will provide next-day shipping.

RxOneShop has many trusted suppliers, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Merck & Company, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and many other national and international pharmaceutical manufacturers. Easily order your products online to get the CBD wholesale products, generic, name brand, hard-to-find, short-dated, best-selling, OTC drugs you need.

To place an order with our pharmaceutical wholesaler, you can order online, call us at (877) 476-4761. You can also make an inquiry by emailing us at info@rxoneshop.com.