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Please review this walkthrough to help introduce you to the website design and the features available to you.



The website's homepage includes a header search form that will allow you to search for products. You can enter an NDC value, manufacturer name or product name.

Deal of the Day

Also on the homepage is a Deal of the Day section, which allows you check the website periodically for special pricing.

Search Suggestions

Enter a phrase in the Search Form for suggested dropdown results. Selecting a result will present that specific will be taken to a page to see only that result, which is depicted directly below. Selecting the magnifying glass or keyboard enter button on your keyboard will show all returned search results.

Search Results

Selecting a specific search result will you will be taken to a product page. To review pricing you will need to log in.

Price Check Tool

Our Price Check Tool allows you to easily check availability and pricing on a large number of products. This feature will enable you to upload a CSV file containing NDC and Price values to allow you to easily compare our pricing and the amount you will save with RxOneShop. A sample CSV file is available to download outlining the file requirement.

Login Page

After clicking the "Log In / Register" link you will be taken to this page which allows you to choose to create an account or log in with your existing account credentials.

Create Account

If you choose to create an account, you will be taken to the page shown above. The account creation process will ask several questions about you and your business. After completing the registration your information will be reviewed by a sales representative.

Search Results - After Logging In

When logged in, the search results will include additional columns of product data such as Supplier and Price. In this privileged view you can add a desired quantity of the product to your cart.

Add to Cart Confirmation

After adding a product to your cart a popup will confirm the addition to the cart with an option to continue shopping or proceed to the cart.

Generic Category Page - After Logging In

While continuing to shop you may decide to use the Catalog in the top navigation menu to view Generic, Brand, Short Dated or Sale categories.

Shopping Cart - Minimum Order Amount Not Met

In your shopping cart, if your order total has met the minimum order amount you will be able to use the checkout button in the bottom of the page.

Shopping Cart - Checkout Button

In your shopping cart, if your order total has met the minimum order amount you will be able to see the checkout button in the bottom of the page below your cart.

Checkout Screen

The checkout screen will automatically pull in your address information from your account. To place your order for review simply click the Place Order button.