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RxOneShop recommends the following experts and resources to assist you in increasing your sales and profits within your pharmacy.

- Dan Supon, President and Doug Supon, Vice President

Tony DiRico

Tony DiRico is Founder and CEO of Profit Hunters International, Inc. Our Mission is to assist Pharmacy Owners, Pharmacists and Managers to Hire Great People with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, allowing them to manage their business to Maximize Profitability. Our Human Behavioral Assessment System has assisted organizations, professional sports teams and individuals for over 50 years. PEI and well-known authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and Denis Waitley use the Winslow Reports™ in their coaching programs.

Winslow Reports™ will enable you to:

  • Increase Sales, Production & Profits
  • Reduce Hiring Costs and Labor Turnover
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Overcome Interview Bias
  • Save You Time & Effort

Winslow Reports Starter Package for FREE*

  • Winslow Client Website/Software - regular price $195
  • 2 Winslow Dynamic Profiles - regular price $398
  • Administrative Training - regular price $750
  • 2 Winslow Reports Debriefing - regular price $1000
  • No Longer Being Chained to Your Store - Priceless

Total Cost - $2343

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Meredith Bell is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company with products that help your employees develop the people skills and inner strengths needed to become star performers. Our online eLearning system, Strong for Performance, has built-in content, follow-up and accountability for improving performance. You’ll acquire and retain more customers as your employees learn how to treat them like gold. And you’ll reduce the time you spend dealing with people problems. The system includes a Dashboard so you can set up and manage one-year subscriptions for each of your employees. They get 24/7 access to resources for 64 different topics.

Exclusive BONUS available for RxOneShop clients and friends!
FREE Admin Dashboard with 1 user subscription ($795 value)

Purchase Strong for Performance Starter Package for $597 (50% off):

  • Admin Dashboard with 1 user subscription ($795 value)
  • 3 extra user subscriptions (regular price $395 x 3 = $1,185)

Don Farrell is the founder and Chief Cultivating Officer for Fresh Revenues. We are all about helping pharmacies and a half dozen other market segments make more money. We specialize in sales, service, leadership and culture building training in both face to face training events, or using distance education methods like web classrooms and even simple conference calls. Being totally comprehensive (assess, design, develop, deliver and reinforce) in the training world, we have delivered well over 10K training events for select clients in over 40 countries. Being new to the pharmacy world, we aim to bring our hospitality roots customized “fresh” approach to training, processes and programs that are reinforced to insure success. We can show you how an outside sales effort can bring you an incremental $200K in top line revenues. We’ve done for other industries and we can do it for you. We are so certain that our stuff works we guarantee success or you don’t pay. Take advantage of attractive introductory rates and offers by contacting, or by calling his cell @ 731-514-1589.