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Over The Counter Drugs Distributor

RxOneShop is your one stop shop for Over the counter (OTC) medications and products. Our trusted products and pharmaceuticals are sold across the United States. We are a reliable and approved supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, but we can also fill all your over the counter [...]

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Best Selling Products

RxOneShop is a leading pharmaceutical distributor in the United States. We offer the lowest prices available to pharmacies on best-selling generic and brand name prescription drugs, bulk over the counter medications, injectables, vitamins, and medical supplies. Our partnerships with a variety of pharmaceutical suppliers give [...]

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Low Prices On Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

RxOneShop offers the lowest prices available on wholesale pharmaceuticals in the United States. We are a national distributor of brand name and generic prescription drugs, bulk over the counter (OTC) medicines, medicals supplies, vitamins, injectables, and syringes. We provide pharmacies with the industry’s largest selection [...]

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Generic Pharmaceuticals

RxOneShop is a generic pharmaceutical distributor offering our services to pharmacies across the US. Streamline your pharmaceutical purchasing and maximize your buying power by utilizing the comprehensive shopping strategy offered by RxOneShop. Through our catalog containing more than 4,000 generic prescription drugs, diabetic [...]

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Brand Pharmaceuticals

RxOneShop is a national distributor of brand name pharmaceuticals. For over ten years, we have provided pharmacies with the highest quality brand name, over the counter, and prescription drugs at the industry’s best prices. Brand Name Pharmaceuticals RxOneShop is a wholesale distributor that [...]

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Diabetic Supplies

RxOneShop is a wholesale distributor for diabetic supplies to pharmacies located anywhere in the United States. We are able to source these supplies from a variety of manufactuers to make sure costs are lowered on the items that are regularly ordered. Any establishment that requires [...]

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Short Dated Products

RxOneShop is a national pharmaceutical distributor that offers a large line of short-dated pharmaceuticals with the most competitive pricing in the industry. With over a decade of service to retail chains, long term care pharmacies, combination pharmacies, infusion and specialty pharmacies, we have become the [...]

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Hard To Find Products

RxOneShop sells hard to find pharmaceutical products to pharmacies across the country. Some pharmaceutical items are difficult to secure on the open market. Due to our high-level network of connections RxOneShop can obtain these hard to find products. RxOneShop provides a [...]

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Pharmacy Distributor

RxOneShop is a nationwide wholesale pharmaceutical distributor. We only sell to licensed, and certified pharmacies and our products are not available to the public. RxOneShop maintains strong partnerships with multiple suppliers and manufacturers so that we can offer the best pricing on generic [...]

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Wholesale Supplier

RxOneShop is a wholesale pharmaceutical supplier approved by the FDA to serve the U.S. There is no doubt that healthcare in the U.S. is extremely expensive and a huge business with rising costs each year. Generic drug savings reports show an increase in the need for [...]

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